HP 20b Business Consultant

Copy of 20b
Copy of 20b

For business professionals and students, the stylish HP 20b Business Consultant is easy to use and learn, with finance, business, and real estate functions at your fingertips. Get faster answers with the intuitive layout and high-speed processor, and view those big numbers on the large 2-line display. Choose your preferred entry method: time-saving RPN, familiar algebraic or traditional chain algebraic.



Easy-to-use and learn

  • Finance, business and real estate functions in a simple intuitive layout at your finger tips
  • Fewer keystrokes to get your results fast


  • Unique and modern design sets you apart
  • Clean style and ergonomic feel

Fast and dependable

  • New high-speed CPU provides fast results and 15-digit internal accuracy
  • HP legendary heritage of quality and reliability

Large 2-line display

  • View large numbers (up to 12 digits)
  • Scroll through variables, detailed labels, menus and prompts (up to 8 characters)


  • Time-saving RPN entry, familiar algebraic, or traditional chain algebraic
  • Trigonometry, hyperbolic and other advanced math functions
  • Easily configure your display format and language preferences

For Professionals in

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
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