HP 30b Business Professional

Copy of 30b
Copy of 30b

For business professionals and students, the versatile HP 30b Business Professional has an intuitive layout, high-speed processor and 2-line display for fast answers. Add custom calculations for school or work with convenient programming capability.





Feature-packed and programmable

  • Finance, business and real estate functions in a simple intuitive layout at your finger tips
  • Quickly program custom calculations for time-saving access later

Elegant and ergonomic

  • HP’s durable and stylish Liquid Metal imprint technology
  • Clean style and ergonomic feel

Fast and dependable

  • New high-speed CPU provides fast results and 15-digit internal accuracy
  • HP legendary heritage of quality and reliability
  • HP’s “rotate-and-click” keyboard technology for accuracy and reliability

Large 2-line display

  • View large numbers (up to 12 digits)
  • Scroll through variables, detailed labels, menus and prompts (up to 8 characters)


  • Time-saving RPN entry, familiar algebraic, or traditional chain algebraic
  • Trigonometry, hyperbolic and other advanced math functions
  • Easily configure your display format and language preferences

For Professionals in

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Accounting
  • Statistics

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